Price didn't reach but order triggered

i placed order for bankinida @ 105.4
price didn’t even go til 105.3 and my order was triggered and sl hit in a second.
what happened ?

i can see bankindia high at 106.0 in NSE

can u share the screen shot of ur trade???

my order triggered and sl hit before that, unless the chart tells wrong story

at the moment my order and sl had already triggered, stock has made high of 105.3 only

nseindia quote shown high as 106 when i posted earlier.
So its a proper trading loss for you

i had the same issue today. called support who were no help. refereed me to read some help page.
i had buy BO SL for IOC with trigger at 409.30. order got triggered when price reached 408.60.
Zerodha support (spoke with Sanju) says not all trades reflect on price chart (what??? didn’t know that).
anyone any suggestions?

I too faced a similar situation today…the second leg of my bracket order was not executed and I called upon the customer rep and all of a sudden he shouted at me and disconnected my call…I mean like wtf…is this…team zerodha really needs to learn some manners…

Fortunately stock went up and was able to cut my losses.
NSE website does show high of 409.90. so i guess it did hit my trigger.
My question now is - Why Price Chart does not reflect that. For a naked trader like me who depends only on Technical analysis this is a major concern. My whole belief is in question now that i know that some trades do not reflect on the price chart.
Anyone else feels the same. Does anyone have a work-around for this. Please advise.

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I urge everybody who has lost money due to technical glitch in kite to go ahead and file a complaint at SEBI redress greviance cell…for more info call 1800227575

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Broker liable for loss due to technical glitch says HC