Price patterns for intraday?


I know few price patterns like Up flag, down flag, double bottom , double top, wedges. these works well on day timeframe( each candle representing one day)

  1. Which are best price patterns for intraday trading( using futures)?

  2. what should be the time frame ?

  3. If breakout is seen in Up flag, should the S&R levels such as pivots/fibonnaci should be used for placing take profit and stop loss or price will tear the resistance levels after breakout?

  4. Can anybody please provide good video link/study article link for intraday price patterns.

As per the above query you can check expert advisor page from below link

123 pattern works good in Intraday timeframe.

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if anybody knows plz answer…

thanks … I have gone through the link…in it simple candlestick patterns and related scripts are given.
But If bullish maribuzo is formed, but just above that is resistance then this will fail.
So i dont want algo trading. I want some system/strategy, where i should manually take decision based on few criteria. If any body can please suggest that.