Price went beyond my trigger price

My stop loss buy order was at 1283
My trigger price was 1282

Now the stock jumped to 1283 from 1280 directly.

It did not touch 1282, so in this case my sl order wont come the system as the trigger is missed ??

If this is how triggers work then sometimes stop loss wont save us , is there any gap in my understanding over trigger price??

Depends on the liquidity of the scrip.

If it is highly liquid nifty 50 stocks, then 1₹ difference in Trigger and limit price will do

If it’s illiquid stock, then your SL order will be shown as pending order unless the limit price is fulfilled.

Keep sufficient buffer between Trigger price and limit price depending on the scrip.

Which stocks are you referring to?

Trigger should be 1282
SL should be 1280.

Note : SL order is a request not an order

My question was more specific to whether the stop loss order will be placed or not.

I would reitarate one more time ,

Lets say i bought a stock at 100.
I gave stop loss order at 98
Trigger price was 99

What happened was price came to 97 after 100 which means no trade happened in bitwin 100 to 97… or no trade happened at my trigger price, so my trigger was missed at the very first place. So my stop loss order will be placed at the market for 98 or not is my question ?

At 97 the LTP is lower than the trigger price. Hence it will be triggered and your order will be sent to exchange.

As I said the Stop loss buy order at 98 is just a request. If sudden fall happens there is no guarantee that it will get executed.

Your order will be placed with exchange with limit of 98 and it will stay pending until price comes at or above 98.

Clear now , thanks