Problem with cut-off time for intelligent buying

I always buy Index/Large cap funds whenever Nifty 50 goes down by 150+ on a day. Nowadays markets are more volatile. sometimes after 1.30/2.00 market going in reverse direction.

Since cutoff time in Zerodha is 1.30 PM (1 hour before accepted timings as per SEBI). I am losing opportunities. Any future plans of Zerodha to allow buy orders till 2.30 PM?

for Index … you can buy ETF, even after 2:30… Won’t it be more effective? Market may swing even after 2:30 to reduce the gap from 150.
for (non-index) active large cap fund, depending on composition swing might be different. It may be less than 150 on that day.

you come up with interesting scenarios which gives food for thought!
I understand Typically mutual funds are used to long term investment and not for trading.
Say if investment in fund for 3+years, does investing next day makes any measurable difference ( with condition that todays 2:30 PM nifty50 is down more than 150) ?

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