Problem with linking to excel feature in Pi

I have an excel file named “Analysis” which contains some statistical calculations. Recently i tried to link the Nifty fut March data to this particular excel file named “Analysis” but was not successful. The problem with Pi is that when we click the link to excel option it automatically opens an excel file with the name of the marketwatch in Pi. Is there a way whether we can link the excel file to our respective file which have some calculations at the same time i would like to get live streaming of the scripts which i have linked. Do help me out guys.

yeah in pi, link to excel feature will opens a new excel by default, if you want the same real time data in any other excel which you have formula or analysis, just select default excel columns (ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C) and open your excel as admin and paste (Ctrl+V) it in new spread sheet.

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Hello SIr,

How can I link Excel to Pi in order to generate Buy/Sell signals. The analysis would be done in excel but once it is done and the real time data loads on to excel and after the calculations, it has to go to the PI platform and I want to see the alert window pop up for a Buy/Sell option. COuld you please let me know how to do that.

hi, when i try to link with option ist shows " Excel application not Found , please install excel and try again" . Where as i already have excel

Are you able to rectify it ?I am also facing the same problem