problem with my zerodha broakerage

@nithin I think you charging a lot of hidden fees. Your support on this is very much appreciated. I signed up with your service because you offer 0 brokerage services on delivery. But if you check my account of 31 July 2020, you charged me 3800 rupees as a brokerage fee plus other DP charges. I have traded only in equity delivery that day but I don’t why you charged that much amount of fee when you say you have a 0 brokerage in delivery. I am really concerned about it

Suraj, there is no Brokerage charged by Zerodha on Equity delivery trades but there are other charges like Exchange Transaction Tax, Stamp Duty, GST, STT, DP Charges which are charged by the Exchange, Government and Depository. Those you will have to pay.

You can calculate charges for all your Delivery trades on Brokerage Calculator and see whether charges add up, if they don’t raise ticket at