Profit booking doubt in intraday trading


I want to ask a question regarding profit booking. Please try and understand the below situation :

I buy 1 lot nifty 10000 CE at 150. The price moves to 170. I want to wait and see if it moves higher but want to make sure that should it go below 160, it should be sold at market price to make sure some profit is booked, assuming it does not fall from 160 to 150 in a go.

I tried looking at cover order and bracket order but I only found the concept of TSL which is not the above scenario.

I want to have two sell orders one as stop loss and one to book profit if it can so in above case one at market price below 140 and one at below 160. Whichever one is executed should cancel another one.

Can you tell me if this can be achieved in kite or pi automatically and not manually? Any article or video would be helpful.


There is no automatic way to achieve this in Kite or Pi. If the call moves to 170 and you want to place a sell stoploss order at 160 to ensure you retain atleast a 10 rupee profit, then you’ll have to manually move your stoploss order from 140 to 160. There is no way to have the stoploss order at 140 and another stoploss order at 160(which you are calling a boundary for your target).


ohh ok thank you very much for your reply. I will stick to stop loss order

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