Profit order with limit price and trigger price

Let’s say I have purchased 10 stocks of Jet Airways at 627.


I need to sell it at 640 however if it does not reach there the I want to release it at 633.


Ovet here if I put a SL order with limit price at 632 and trigger price at 640, will help achieve the purpose?

If you are trading this intraday using MIS then place a sell limit order at 640 for the target. When price crosses 633 and goes towards 640, then place a sell SLM order with trigger = 633 to prevent further loss in profit.

Thanks for your reply.

Its actually a CNC transaction, in that case what can be done.

Same as adviced above

Thanks for your reply.

Just to put actual things into perspective.

Over here I have put AMO order for yes bank purchased at 330, trigger price at 340 with limit price at 335.

In this case, if this stock goes upto 338 but doesn’t reach 340 then will my order get executed at 335?

You’re still confused. What you did above is incorrect.

A SL order will not work as a target and stoploss order in one. It is only a stoploss order. To sell at 340, you have to place a sell LIMIT order.

As for the stoploss you to place at 335, only if the stock price crosses 335 will you be able to place a sell SL order at 335. Sell SL orders are intended to be placed below CMP, so you have to wait for CMP to cross 335.

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Got it. Thanks for your help

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I am new here, have just started trading. I want to just ask with an example.

Say i have purchased ITC at 10 and put up a target of 20 with a stop loss of 7 and trigger price of 8.

Two queries here.

  1. Is it necessary to set a trigger price for activating a stop loss order. Or Setting a sell order with a stop loss would be sufficient.

  2. If the price is wandering near 18 and i thought of changing the sell order to 25 and also considering a decent profit, i want that order gets executed when it touches 15. So what i do here is - target changed to 25, Stop loss would be 15 and trigger price 16. Will it be Ok??