Profit sharing, etc, how real are they

A person gives 5%returns per month on capital. He claims he generates that whooping wealth trading in markets. Now as he is specifically giving returns to people investing in him for last few months. Now, people are investing on him like crazy.

Another person gives 0.5% per trading day.

This kind of %returns are blooming lately. And as this people infact giving returns. My question is what kind of scam if all is this. How long before this blows up? Are there instances similar of this nature before.

It depends on your personal experience

I don’t see why a successful trader cannot make 5 percent per month

i am talking about 5% every month. 5R per month giving away is a biggie, that too consistently. say, if you make 8% per month, minus 5% you are left with 3%. But that’s a perfect scenario. Too good to be true.

yes, but why big fund houses cannot commit even 1% per month. What i am sensing is some kind of ponzi scheme, to draw investors, and till investors comes pouring in , the trick is on.

Ghanshyam technicals made 2.5 crore per month

You can make 5 percent or 10 percent per month if you have adequate capital of 10 lacs

Anything more than that cannot fetch the same returns

It’s not that you need to make 5 percent minimum per month, it gets averaged because the money managers don’t risk the entire capital and take more risks when the reward is there

at 4:17 he’s talking about a trader who get 25% per month very consistently, so 5% is very realistic goal

Can you give complete details of the persons?

There was a investment scheme running in bangalore where poor middle class fall prey to it and it got busted

Here the details :

good to know info. most similar structure to the story you shared.

in my case, the guy happens to be around my locality. He is giving 7% per month. The story now has been 3-4 months old, i wonder when he ll run out of steam. He claims he makes money trading the markets.

As far as i know, he became a market wizard soon enough. :ok_woman:

Be carefull Celina as the ponzi schemes don’t last long, and it doesn’t make sense giving cash someone to manage and get returns every month without the risk, if tomorrow he’ll run away with cash because of greed as many does, then there is no way to get back the money. Then just to sit and cry

Stay away from ponzi schemes !