Property collateral

Hi Team,

I want to keep my property paper as collateral and do a delivery trading and long term investments. Is it possible in zerodha??? Let me know

Mudassar sayed

Most difficult question i seen in my life ,
my dear keeping a property paper as collateral and trading in a stock market . its seems like preparing a grave before a death come to us

Any ways its not possible . dont take any aggressive decision like property pledging in stock market ,


Collaterals can only be used for Futures trading and shorting options. It can’t be used for delivery trading and long term investments.

Never ever trade using money from personal loans, credit cards or borrowed money. From personal experience the market can in a matter of minutes turn that into the worst decision of your life. Start a side-job/second job and use that to invest and trade.

Suppose , Mr. X . Took loan from the bank of 1crore against the property collateral .
Mr. X busted . So , bank has right on that proprty of Mr. X .
But , if if the property value could only fetch Rs. 80 lakhs then how can bank demand the shortage of balance Rs. 20 lakhs from Mr. X?