Proprietary trading

what is it?

as indian brokers provide proprietary trading then in the same way there must be some american or european traders doing that …

so if we use their account for trading in NYSE then what is the benefits and disadvantages ?

Proprietary Trading or ‘Prop Trading’ as it is usually called, refers to the trading activity carried out by institutions with the money belonging to the institution.

Prop trading is an important source of revenue for such institutions. For example institutions like Goldman Sacs, JP Morgan, Bank of America etc all have internal teams that handle the Prop Trading desk.

In India some of the stock brokers trade for themselves, this is also called Prop Trading.

To trade in NYSE or any other foreign exchange you just need to have a trading account with a registered broker who can give you access to these markets.

However you may want to check on RBI guidelines before you go about doing the same.