Purchase Date and Purchase Value of Gifted Shares

Hi Team,
My father, in contemplation of death, due to sickness initiated an off-market transaction for transfer of his long-term (since 2008) holdings to my Zerodha Account.

These shares show a discrepancy where Purchase date and price are missing. My Father’s demat a/c provider SBICap Securities has not been able to provide me exact details. My query -

  • How can I get the Purchase Date and Price to clear this discrepancy?
  • Secondly, I understand that these will be non-taxable in my father’s account, but when I sell these, I’ll have to pay 10% tax as LTCG. Is that a fair understanding?
  • If yes, what documentation would I require while filing my ITR (please note, my father is no-more).

Please guide.