Purchase of 54EC LTCG saving bonds before 6 month deadline

If anyone here has any knowledge of LTCG bonds, please clarify:

Date of sale of flat: 28th nov 2018

End of 6 month period before which LTCG has to be used to buy 54EC bonds: 27th may 2019

deemed date of allotment as per NHAI website shall be: Last day of the month during which the application amount has been cleared and credited to NHAI’s collection account(so if I apply anytime during may, i think this date is 31st may)

So if I make an application tomorrow(7th may 2019), will my allotment date be 31st may 2019? If yes, will I still be able to claim LTCG benefit, given that my 6 month period will be up by 27th may 2019?


all benefits of income tax from deemed date of allotment only, so must apply in advance…