Purchase price of mutual fund

I have placed order to buy mutual fund yesterday, i.e sunday. So the price at which units get credited will be of sunday or of today evening

NAV will be @ today’s price as on 1:30 p.m. i.e, subscription timing of mutual funds.

So it means i will not get reduced prices because of todays fall.

There are different cut-off timings for liquid, debt and equity funds. You can be allotted the NAV of the same day, the previous day or the next day according to the time you submit your application and funds.

The cut-off time is 2 pm for liquid funds. If you invest before 2 pm in a liquid fund, you will be allotted units at the NAV of the previous day. This will happen only if you also transfer the funds before the cut-off time. If you miss the cut-off time and submit your application and funds after 2 pm, you will be allotted units at the NAV of the same day.

If you submit your application before 2 pm, but fail to transfer the money before the cut-off time, you will not be eligible for the previous day’s NAV.

The cut-off time for equity and other debt funds is 3 pm. If the investor submits the application before 3 pm, she will get the same day’s NAV. Submitting the application after the cut-off time will get you the next day’s NAV.

source: economic times

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