PVR - INOX Leisure Merger Strategy from IIFL

I received a email from IIFL stating a amazing strategy to make some returns out of the merger :laughing: :laughing:

Check these out. What are your thoughts on the same?

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I do only delivery trade. I hold both PVR (in profit) and INOX (in profit). Recently bought some INOX to round off to next 10 (as per merger ratio). Should I book profit as per above strategy and invest the same in buying more INOX or keep holding both?

Looks like nobody is interested in this merger… busy with hdfc… :stuck_out_tongue:

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How are the positions looking now?


Planning to sell all pvr @2000, have been accumulating Inox in dips…

Don’t trust IIFL. They’re expert in trapping people. Watch Sanjiv Bhasin recos on Zee Business or YouTube and see how many people he has trapped.
Decide yourself what you need to do

Update from IIFL on making a profitable call.

Did you execute?