Python or some trade automation app? What is the best and cost effective way to automate a strategy based on dual timeframe parabolic SAR?

Hello, I need an advice for automating a trading strategy that is based on dual timeframe parabolic SAR. I’m looking for cost effective and fastest way to buy and sell stocks in equity segment.


Chart type: Candlestick
Indicator: Parabolic SAR
Timeframes: One minute and five minutes.

Buy: If 5 minute parabolic SAR is bullish and 1 minute parabolic sar is bullish then buy a stock. Buy everytime when 1 minute parabolic SAR is bullish.

Exit: The moment when 1 minute parabolic SAR shows bearish, then exit the trade or exit when the stop loss is reached.

Should I use python code or some trade automating app like streak, tradetron etc.,

Thank you

you can make strategy using chartink or and execute using python via fyers or kite or any other broker

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Consume the data and generate signal using python library
Run it in cloud machine