Q3 settlement amount

on 20 dec 2014 whole amount got debited as quarterly settlement.I am active trader and even done transaction on 19/12/2014.In the afternoon i received sms saying amount transfered from trading account to bank account.I checked in my icici linked account , but could not find my amount.It is high amount so i am tensed now .I am only one month old client.Even today amount not credited to my icici account.Pl help me in this regard .

You mean, your balance in trading account got debited saying settlement in the ledger.
Every 3 months once, the broker has to debit the trading account and transfer back to your bank account.
This is done as per norms from NSE. NSE wants to prevent any misuse of such money by broker, in case the trader is not using for long time. But applied to all accounts whether you use it or not.
Only Rs.10000 and above will be done like this.
Every broker has to follow this.
In case there is a delay in your amount transfer than usual, you should contact your broker.