Quantity Freeze Limit

There is a “Quantity Freeze Limit” for NIFTY as mentioned in this URL http://www.nseindia.com/products/content/derivatives/equities/cnx_nifty.htm.

With this, nobody can buy more than 10000 quantity now (400 lots @25 lot size). I can understand that as a prevention mechanism to let big parties, FIIs manipulate the index. Is that right?

And also somebody tell me if there is such a FREEZE LIMIT with trading commodities, for ex, Gold, Crude Oil etc and on trading STOCKS under NSE or BSE.

I would appreciate if somebody could give me a detailed answer.

You can find this detail under contract specifications in the products menu on the MCX page. 

For Gold it is 10KG or 10lots, for crude 10,000 barrels or 100 lots.