Quarterly Balance Settlement

how can I not receive the balance in my bank account and keep it with zerodha only, but I trade in mcx so a 3.30 transfer to the overnight mutual fund will also not do. is there any other way?

I don’t think so there is any other way, only way is to take a over night trade and use full margin at least once in a quarter.

won’t take such risk to just keep balance…

can zerodha send the settlement balance before 9 am so an intraday trader like me can redeposit it before the market starts?

if I withdraw money once in a quarter and redeposit the next day, then also the quarter balance settlement rule will be implied on my account?

The date on which we check the accounts is given on Console. Its tentative, but settlement will happen in that week. If funds aren’t in the account on the day we check, there will be no need to settle
The only way to avoid settlement is by utilising the funds in your trading account during the settlement period.

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