Quatery Results timing


where can i find the details of quaterly results ?
where will they be posted ?
What time will the results be announce and
where can i find the timing details ?




Speculative about announcement timings , in India we dont stick to time.


There is no timings , you have to wait full day


Is it possible to know wheather they will be announced at market open or after market closing


common sense , if the results are good they announce when markets are open. if its bad, out of market hours.


every company follow their own pattern …

companies like tcs , reliance , etc will post their results after mkt hours
infy use to post it before mkt hours under the previous management …


@Prakhar_Agrawal @mailstovisu

I will give you the next best help, this website tells exact time when the result came for FNO stocks in previous results. So you can use it for guessing it should be at similar times.