Queries about Bank Transfer Charges


I have some queries about Zerodha demat account, trading account and linked bank account.

  1. What are charges for transfer of money from bank account to zerodha trading account and vice-a-versa?
  2. How reliable is this transfer? Is there a possibility that, money gets debited from bank account and not credited instantly to zerodha account? Are there any follow-ups required?
  3. Is it possible to calculate LTCG and STCG easily using FIFO algorithm if there is any LTCG/STCG applicable for current financial year? Is is automated like other full service brokers?
  4. Is there any upcoming facility / tie up with any bank which can work like 3-in-1 account in zerodha, where we can allocate funds for equity and automatically internally funds are reserved for buying equity, instead of logging into bank account and transferring funds to zerodha trading account every time?
    Note - I do not trade in F&O, and buy/hold shares for time period ranging from few months to decade as well but looking to reduce brokerage costs.

I am looking to migrate from full service broker to Zerodha, but there are some concerns, hence looking for more clarity. I generally prefer hassle-free transfers (do not want to spend time on follow ups or calling customer service), ease of use and good quality GUI. (I am willing to forget 3.5% saving account interest for some period in case funds are lying in trading account for few days/weeks).


  • Charges for fund transfer from bank to trading account - Net banking - Rs 9+ GST 18%, IMPS/NEFT/RTGS, UPI - NIL. Withdrawal from trading account - No charges

  • The transfers are very reliable. However, there may be scenarios with low success rate of instant transfers. In such scenarios, you can get in touch with our support representative, via our Support portal or support desk.

  • We will not display your tax liability, however, you will be able to see your LTCG/STCG on your Tax p&l report from https://console.zerodha.com/reports/taxpnl/eq

  • We will shortly go live with the eNACH mandates, using which you can automate fund addition to your trading account.