Query about buying bulk lots in currency futures

Hi all,

If I wish to buy 1000 lots of USDINR pair in current futures ( say March as its March now) in CDS market, will it be bought without delay? I mean, if I trade intraday with 3 minutes time frame, will my order for current market be executed within 10 seconds? Is it possible? If the current USDINR currency pair in CDS market in that much liquid? Anyone clarify it pls…

A lot will trade around RS 1900… So if trades 1000 lots, then its about 20 lakhs… As the capital for trading is high I’m concerned that will the order be completed without delay for current market price! I really wanna know the ground reality… Pls help me with this…

@nithin @zerodhahero @zerodhauser

The quantity freeze limit is 5000 and the market is very liquid. There should not be any problem in trading just a 1000 lots.

1000 lots translates to an order value of 7.6 cr, which is peanuts for any forex market.