Query about disclosed quantity

As per zerodha support article: “If the customer wants to buy/sell 25000 shares, with a disclosed quantity condition of 5000 shares, only 5000 shares will be displayed to the market at a time. After this is traded, another 5000 shares will be automatically released until the order is fully executed”

I believe exchange takes responsibility to release quantities until the order is fully executed.

How exchange handles this? Does the exchange put 25k quantities with LIMIT order at once and show only 5k on market depth?

Or it put order with 5k quantities. And then it will add more 5k after initial quantities executed?

New quantity will be placed only once 1st 5k is completed and so on.

Who will place the new quantities?

Exchange designed a way to do that.

As exchange places the new quantities one by one, will there any delay in executing the order compared to executing the order without disclosed quantity?

Let’s say I have 1000 quantities with disclosed quantity 100.
So exchange has to release 100 quantities for 10 times.

Can expect any delay in execution here?

May be, also if there is other order pending for same price your new disclosed will be in pending. If you are worried for execution time then disclosed won’t make any sense, disclosed is used where there is less to medium liquidity or if the total quantity is really huge, other wise regular limit order will do.


Yes it is like that.

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no you cannot use disclose quantity option in F&O

What if disclosed qty is zero? I placed order for 100 shares will it send me into the queue 100 times or jus a time. What is difference bw showing 0 or 100 while placing order for 100 qty?

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