Query about the People in the share market

I just wanted to know about the people in share market ie How old are they, how long have they been in this market and they are traders or investors (Long /short term).
So please type your age, experience in the market and investment/trading type. (Profession, if would like to share)

I’m 26, It has been 2 yrs in the market and purely longterm investment. I’m a student.

in my opinion beginners time horizon should be mid term ( some weeks or some months), because in long term it will take much longer time to get the result of your decision, and it will be difficult to be sure of the factors to consider.

well you are somewhat right but I want to invest until I become a pro trader. And for sure it will take 3-5 years for me to get the knowledge of trading and market behavior. So I’m a investor till then.
How about you?

i have spent around 2-3 years in market, and lost some in stocks, so now for nearly 6 months i work in index.
i follow a saying " trading creates wealth, and investing increases it". i am in first process.

This will be very small sample size. And no conclusion can be derived

Yeah… Still I would like to know what is the age distribution in this market, their profession and specially eager to know how many students are here.