Query for a newbie in trading

Hello everyone
I’m a student and very new to trading.
I have query like, what’s the minimum amount from which I can start doing trading as I don’t have that much sun to invest.
And which mode of trading should I go for

There is no entry barrier to start trading or investing in markets, you can start with small capital and then increase it gradually as you gain more experience and find success.

But before that, you should learn and develop understanding about markets and make your foundation strong. You can start here:

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There is no entry barrier for investing. I am a student myself and made my first investment with the prize money I got from my school! However do understand you will be making losses, every investor does. Try to minimize them and do not fret much about them.
Now coming to your second question, since you are a student, you will be better off going for swing trading. Intra-day is much more Technical based and you wont be generating desirable profits. Go for swing trading and since you are a student like me, try building a portfolio of stocks which would help you in the long term.

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Absolutely NO …NO for intraday and Fno .

If you want to make more with less then definitely derivatives is the one you should be looking for. Forget not! Trading derivatives is risky as hell. It would he advisable to start with equities first until you get used to it and then go on to much more complex instruments like Futures and ultimately Options.