Query on Daily Equity Margin Statement

Was just alarmed by this daily statement that I

receive everyday on email.

In the attached image, in NSE EQ why does it show 56579.4 ? I never added that much money in my kite account anyway!

In the BSE EQ, why is the amount 48479.81 in negative? Have I defaulted somewhere that I wasnt aware about? Is this some kind of penalty? Also this value of -48479 has been there for quite a few months now.

I do understand that the sub-total is still a postive number but still cant get the thought of how did I end up with 56k in NSE and -48k in BSE

Please help. Hope you can answer both the questions!

Read this, it should help you understand.

I have read this article multiple times but it no where tells me about BSE EQ row in my statement and why the huge value of -48k

Can you please elaborate on what is happening in my situation here? I just need to know if there is a penalty or something here.

The negative values under the ‘funds’ column for the different ‘segments’ indicate funds utilized/used (out of the total money added to the trading account) for trades in that particular segment. This is basically the margin utilized for the various segments.

No penalties, your total balance is in positive.

Thank you !