Query on jpassociate bracket order and cover order

If i need to order JPASSOC under BO can i gvie trailing stoploss of 0.25 ps as absolute and TP as 1.10

2nd query : IF order the same in CO can i modify the stoploss to the profit range
i bought SBIN @ 327.80 it shows RANGE: 295.35 - 327.9
if price goes to 340 and i want keep the profit and want to continue the ride so can i change the sl now to around 335 which is beyond range shown intially

Any reply highly appriciated

No, Trailing Stop-loss has to be in absolute value.
Example:- 1, 2, 3 and So on…

You can’t use 0.25 as Trailing Stop-loss.

Yes, Once Order is executed You can modify your Stop-loss.