Query on options trade _ can't options buying and selling for same strike price be done

Hi ! Need help in understanding options trade that i did recently . On 3rd april, I bought nifty 9100 puts at rs.63.05 , with the objective that should markets correct, it should make money. On 6th april, considering upward market direction expectations i also wrote 9100 puts options at rs. 50.5/- . both transactions were independent with the objective of carrying till the end of series; however both the positions got adjusted with each other, and did not see anything in my positions section, made losses . Please help in understanding this. If one has to follow this strategy that one wants to buy the puts and write options and collect premium also for the same strike , can’t it be done ?

It can’t be done for the same strike prices you can either write other option and for intra day you can create a short position using different order like MIS or BO for the same strike price

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