Query regarding BO in kite

I have found that whenever my BO gets executed.....there are more than 1 order for any quantity for which i have sold/bought. i mean say i have bought 4 lots of nifty option / future at a time i.e. 300 qty. It gets executed at once for all 4 lots but Target orders & SL orders are divided into more than 1 orders. ideally it should have same quantity in one order only one for SL & one for Target. but being more than one order is placed and same way the trade gets executed failing the purpose of discount brokerage.

Why i am buying or selling more lots at once is to take advantage for brokerage per trade and not per lot. But since more than 1 order is placed, trade executes the same way i.e more than once, for the same price. 

The said order has only 2 options, one to modify and other one is exit. I tried to modify the quantity of one order from 75 to 300 and wanted to cancel the other order/s but that could not happen since there was no option to cancel. Modification in quantity also could not happen for which i don't know the reason. Exit option is i guess, to exit at Market price which i don't wanted of course.

I have never experienced such problem with Pi. executing order in part lots  happens when there are no sufficient buyers/seller for your price. But that is different thing than having placed more than one order for a group of lots bought/sold at one go.  Is Kite has this feature included deliberately? coz one futures contracts has break even of Rs.2/-