Query regarding Dividend

I have not received my dividend. What action do I take?

Can I claim dividends relating to past years that have not been received by me?


First of all the shareholder should check with Demat linked bank account as dividends land automatically in bank accounts linked with Demat . In case of non receipt the share holder can take up with the registrars ( R&T ) and share transfer agents of the company by providing DP ID and client ID from Demat Account. However if the share are held in physical form then the shareholder needs to send bank mandate form to the company registrar and transfer agents.You may send a letter or an email to R&T Agent furnishing the particulars of the dividend not received, quoting your folio number.

As per the Section 205C of the Companies Act 1956, The companies retain such unpaid dividends for a period not exceeding seven financial years and thereafter the unclaimed dividends are transferred to “Investor Education and Protection Fund” (IEPF) with the Central Government. Unclaimed dividend prior to seven financial years can not be withdrawn by the shareholder. However the shareholders, who had been bona fide owners of shares, can claim the dividend from the registrar and transfer agents of the company for immediately preceding seven years.


Yes! You can claim the dividends if dividends are of past seven years and if it is more then seven year then you have to claim from Investor Education & Protection Fund. For that I would suggest you to go for professional reclaiming firm like http:supergrowth.in etc.