Question about KITE android

HI, On 17th Nov. 2017, I purchased 100 shares of a company using CNC and Market order type for say Rs. 100/share. Kite (android) started to show this stock under Holdings Tab after T+2 days. Today from my Kite (android) Holdings Tab, I sold 100 shares using Exit option come after selecting that stock. I put a LMT order for say 110/Share. It got executed after few minutes. Now my question is what should Kite (android) show about this transaction?

As of now it is showing the name of stock in Holdings, Qty (0), Avg Price 100, LTP 112, Profit Amount NA and profit 12% (i.e. (112-100)/100).
And at same time it is showing under Positions Tab Qty -100, name of the stock, CNC, Avg. Price Rs.110/Share (the price I entered in LMT order) and it is showing me Loss due to Existing LTP is 112/Share.

I am new user, it is my first buy and sell transaction. I am a bit confused that, why it is showing me loss even there is 10% profit for me in this transaction in positions?

Hi @abhijeet_d
From CNC if you have squared off it reflect in positions. In position holds the trades which are executed, so by the end of the day it will get settled. NOT to WORRY .SIT BACK AND RELAX.

Hi I would also suggest you to go through this link.