Question about shorting

i have very small doubt regarding shorting stocks.

In NSE , as we dont have catergories so can we short any stock or there is any restriction in shorting ?
In BSE we have stock categroies , so can i short stocks in all categoeis?

Who told you there are no categories in NSE?

i m human i can b wrong also

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There is a catch here you can’t short sell each and every stock particularly from group Trade to Trade and z short selling in not possible in these stocks. Rest all can be short sold but again Zerodhas risk management doesn’t allows to do so. If any stock is more volatile then Zerodha won’t let you short sell it. This thing happened with me last month when I was incessantly trying to short Delta corporation but I can’t. Had a word with Zerodha customer care they told not possible sir . Still other brokers were allowing to short sell that particular stock.