Question For Traders

As a trader, you always have to look for the ways to improve your trading KPIs time to time:

My Current KPIs for last 4 months:

  1. R:R: 1:3.67 (Average)
  2. Win rate: 51%
  3. Max Draw Down: 10%
  4. Profit Factor: 2.56
  5. Long/short: 100% Long

What about your data sets and what steps you take to improve them?

And do you think that win rate is overrated?

Please Share your thoughts.

Look inwards, not outwards… Never look for validation from others just follow your instincts… Trading is a cyclic journey with lots of refinements. Just focus and persever, every metric is different for each individual according to his trading style, so there’s no need for comparision and validation. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Brother,
Thanks for the reply.

You actually get it wrong. I don’t want any validation or any comparison from others.

I’m just curious about how everyone in our trading community is doing. :grin: