Question on mix of BSE & NSE Investment

Hi, i have a question regarding purchase of same stocks (different quantities) in both NSE and BSE.
Example if i purchase 5 stocks of Apollotyres in NSE @100 and then purchasing 5 in BSE @90, will my portfolio display apollotyres twice one with BSE and another with NSE with respective averages?

Once the shares are in your Demat account, they don’t aren’t mapped to any exchange. There won’t be two different rows in holdings displaying shares purchased from NSE and BSE seperately, it’ll be shown in one row only and the average price will be for all the quantities you hold. For the example you have given above, the average price will be 95 for 10 quantities (100 * 5 + 90 * 5 / 10)


Thank you shubham

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