Question on stock option charts

if say i am analysing the nifty chart and sure about the direction of the nifty 50. now, i want to trade the nifty 50 options, so,

  1. can i take the trading decisions of the nifty options on the basis of the nifty 50 chart pattern if i am very much sure about the direction of the underlying.
  2. can you please suggest me some good charting sites for analysing the options charts specifically.
    any suggestions.
  1. Yes of course. However, if you are certain about the direction, then you are better off trading the futures as opposed to options.

  2. Have you checked out charting on Kite? Check this - . By the way, I personally think one should not look at an options chart to derive trading ideas.

i also think that options are more illiquid type of charts when comes to analysing,
i mean the price flow not appears in a proper flow and manner as in the case of the underlying.