Questions about PI

We know PI trading software is stuck due to pending approval. Still I have some curiosities left…

  1. Can PI be released only for charting viewing purpose until we get trading approval?

  2. Is PI fully Programmable for charting & trading?

  3. If 2 is yes can PI me made programmed for fully and semi algorithmic trading?

  4. If 2 is yes then which language we will be using to program PI?

  5. which expert advisors we will be able to import to PI, e.g. mt4 ? mt5? Amibroker ALFs? ninjatrader?

  6. Can PI be connected with other charting applications for data feed?

  7. Can PI be connected / synced with other charting application for order entry ( in case if we can not import EA from other applications)

  8. I read the news that Beta testing of PI is ON. Is this news true? If yes then from how many days/weeks it has been started till today? How much days further it will go?

  9. Can I/anyone participate in Beta version testing phase?

  10. Would there be some advanced entry, exit , stoploss orders we will get in PI. Such as One cancels other, Good till Canceled , God Till Today , Bracket , Cover order etc?

If anyone knows anything about above questions, please do reply,


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