Questions about Scripted Alerts


I can’t access pi during office hours due to firewall. If I create a scripted alert with Periodicity as Day, enable that alert, close pi, reopen it next day after market has closed, then will pi generate an alert under Generated Alerts section? Or does pi “forget” scripted alerts once it’s closed down?

If pi can’t generate alerts in above case, is there any other option? Pls advise. Thanks!

hElLO tRaDeR,

On The Scripted Alert Window, you have an option to save the settings you have created.

This saved Profile remains on Pi sotware, even after you shut down the computer. You will have to manually load this profile from the drop down menu the next day you log into Pi.

Yes I am aware of that. But that doesn’t mean it will generate an alert when the market is closed.
I would like to understand when exactly an alert is generated. Is it when that even happens or is it when you open pi anytime after that event happens? For example, if EMA 3 crosses EMA 15 for ICICIBANK today, but I open pi tomorrow, then will it generate alert as per my script?