Questions regarding portfolio

bought @62.60 200 SHARES

which one?

alembic ltd sorry

When Stock was Trading at Rs.2/- was the Damm right Time to enter.

{ Some Investors facts Supposed you Invested this same amount Rs.12520/- at Rs.2 level You could have made Rs.391,876/- (Keeping Bonus, dividend aside) Damm, I should turn into Investor }

Although You Bought at 52 week High.
I don’t know anything about the fundamental of this stock.

Looking at Chart and other data Stock have Volumes and Continue Trades happens in stock.

Delivery Percentage is also good.

While looking at Chart stock trade in a Narrow Range for some months and suddenly Breakout happen and again it goes into a range bound for few months.

One more thing which I observed that every time after making a 52 week High stock have fallen and Trade in range for few months.

Now, say If the stock repeat it pattern again this time. You don’t panic.
Put your More savings to buy at lower price.

Some updates It’s a high beta stock So, Chances If Nifty will continue making all Times high Stock will also show good upmove but If Nifty will fall Chances that Stock will also fall.

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many thanks for the prompt reply and yes I do agree that I have taken it to the all-time high but I believe that why to wait till it crosses its resistance of Rs.63 will add more on the dips. Further, can I ask for some more stocks in my portfolio?

And I am a new in this sea of stocks.

I have bought delivery of yes bank @368 rupees and tvs motors delivery @745 and unitech @12 rupees please suggest

You should hold onto Yes Bank. It’s a portfolio stock. You need not worry. Exit from Unitech.

You Can Hold these Two For Many years.

I have detailed report on YESBANK My Full Brokerage house is claiming that Stock will trade Above 1000 At end of 2019.

Now, You have to Exit from Unitech.
Operators & Traders will take this stock to above 15 and don’t fall into the Trap that stock will Start Uptrend.

When The stock will Reach Near your buy price Exit from it.

You will see Unitech Trading at Rs.1-2/- at end of this year.

Request to Investors Please Invest your hard earned money in good Fundamentally strong companies.


Alembic Ltd was one of my favorite stock , Trading in this stock from last 2years , even i received dividend from this company , this Gujarat based company is holding around 100 Acre land , In Bangalore & Gujarat, and also holding shares of Alembic Pharma and also more than 100 year old company .

From a long period Alembic ltd was in a range of 20 to 50 , from last 2 years Alembic , consolidated at 30 to 40 level I brought Alembic at 22 & exited at 50.
right now stock is in over bought level , if you get a chance , exit at your cost price & again re-enter after a good correction ( This is just a suggestion , call is yours )

sir can you explain what happened yesterday and today…with alembic