Questions related to After market order and pre market session

Sir/Madam , I have following questions…

  1. Can I place MIS-CO-Market order in pre market session?
  2. Can I place MIS-AMO-SLM order in AMO market session?

In pre-market session, no stoploss orders are allowed. Hence CO/SLM/Brackets etc can’t be placed.

In after market orders, BO/CO not allowed. But yes MIS AMO SLM is allowed.

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will I get margin in MIS-AMO-SLM order as equal as it is given for MIS BO or CO ?

Is AMO allowed for F&O segment ?

No margin is required when placing an AMO as they will be validated at market opening and at that time if enough margin is not available then those orders will be rejected.
Also there is nothing as MIS BO and CO, all three are different product types, I think you should go through this before using kite.

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thank you both of you.