Quick toggle to add option chain to watchlist

@nithin New function request,

it gets tedious to add options to my watchlist. It would be helpful if zerodha had a function to add nearest 5/10 atm&otm strikes to watchlist with a click of a button. Thank you :slight_smile:

@Arockiya_Raja, we were discussing this point, right? Making it easy to add option strikes?

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Yes, after the new Marketwatch backend goes live, we will be able to do this. It is on our to-do list.

what will be in the new marketwatch ? could you disclose the major changes. the topic seems very exciting. thank you.

@nithin @Arockiya_Raja

  1. The new Marketwatch backend will remove the stale scrips (expired contracts, delisted, suspended.etc) automatically.
  2. New scrips will be automatically replaced for Series/name changes and strike price adjustments.
  3. Allow us to increase the number of scrips added to Marketwatch
  4. Supports to implement the predefined market watches.

In a nutshell, this is a backend update that will allow for future enhancements.

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ETA ? Please