Quickest way of obtaining the news which is likely to impact the stock prices?

News aggregators like Bloomberg, Reuters, S&P Capital IQ etc is the quickest. But it comes with a heavy price tag.

If you are ok with some delay, try www.zerodha.com/pulse .

Too much info is dangerous. Always see the ticker. Stocks options, price, market depth enough. No need to look elsewhere.

That said, you can register for alerts from google. For ex, search google news for your favourite stock, such news u can get via alerts.

Getting news is one side of it… How the stock will react after the news is the ultimate verdict. As markets generally discounts future events, so you may not know if the stock will starts to collapse on the positive news. So, if news is already discounted then the trend will reverse but if the news is something which the street was not expecting like better than expected results and starts did not had rally before it, then you can expect the stock to react positive on positive news.

Give it a thought,

The fastest source should be from Twitter, just subscribe to ETnow, bloomberg, cnbc etc & see how quickly you get the news from media.