Quicko Fees for Tax audit

@Quicko I am looking for service for Tax audit , there is no plan on your website about Tax audit. Do you provide any such service? and what are the charges?

The way it works with them is that you take a ‘meet plan’ and someone will handle your case. Once all the data is filled in on their portal, a CA is assigned, to whom you need to make payment directly. They charged me 5000 the last time I took their audit service.


Audit effort varies from client to client. So typically standard plans are not given. Also it is better to have a direct CA interface than to go via a third party.

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I suggest you see a local CA. At least if there is a notice you know where to go.


Thanks for info, also Is audit required on monthly basis or one time end of the year activity? I just want to trading and capital gains audited ,all digital.

Not directed to me but I can answer.

Yearly. So for now you can get your books audited for FY22. Due date is Sept 30 as of now.

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Once a year

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Quicko is a DIY tax planning and filing platform. Tax Audit can be conducted by a practicing Chartered Accountant only. On users request, we can help them connect with a Chartered Accountant for the Tax Audit requirement.

I think you should personally meet a bookkeeper who will help you understand all the possible options you have. Everyone here would come up with their own experiences.