Quicko help regarding manual Mutual Fund excel sheet

So i am very happy with how easy quicko is. But adding Mutual fund transactions from other platforms is a hassle. CAMS provide CAS, transaction statemnt as well as PNL statement for any FY. They provide one excel sheet for all mutual funds. You guys should add support for any of these excel sheets.

Anyway i am trying to enter manually in the quicko excel sheet. I am stuck at he buy date. Suppose i bought a mutual fund - 5 units on 9 jan 2020, 10 units on 23rd feb 2020 and sold all 15 units on 20 nov 2021. How am i supposed to entered this transaction. there are two buy dates and one sell date.


You can split the sell transaction in to 2 entries like

  1. 5 units bought (9 jan 2020) , sold 5 units (20 nov 2021)
  2. 10 units bought (23 feb 2020), sold 10 units (20 nov 2021)

Hi @emrys11

As rightly mentioned by @Naga_Kiran_K you will have to enter the buy and sell values & dates on the FIFO basis.

Why don’t you give CAMS integration. You know it’s really tough to enter manually massive amount of data. Other income tax filing apps do support it

Also how to add crypto assets income.

Hi @Manu_Manjunath.K.R

We are actively working on partnering with tech-enabled investment platforms. Here’s a list of broker integrations with Quicko.

Your suggestion is taken into consideration.

Supporting Schedule VDA is in our pipeline and we are working towards the same.

In case, your broker is not integrated with Quicko, you can Import trades using the Quicko template and proceed to Prepare your Income Tax Return on Quicko.