Random orders getting placed in finvasia shoonya

90% of it is automated. 10% is discretionary for mental workout… :sweat_smile: Otherwise my head will also go spinning.

Such events are very unfortunate , but i feel Finvasia should start charging brokerage to built better infra and robust tech team. Random trades and no communication hit most of the folks having sleepless night

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By reading your comments, I feel you’re an Ultra HNI (People with Net worth of USD 5 million or more).

Nahh. Nowhere close.

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Oh! Sorry(for other who came to read) this is not related to this topic!

But @t7support can you explain, how you automate it?

Like, do you use any platform for it…like zerodha streak? Or something native?

How you build your strategy?

If possible, can you share some aspects of your strategy :sweat_smile:?

What’s the rate of winning?

Is it possible in real market?

Difference in rate of succes between past & real data?

I am just starting to think about automated trading, so sorry if this is too much to ask🙂

Will be great, if you tell me some books/articles to learn🙌🏻

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I use pine code to develop and deploy strategies in Tradingview. Once these strategies generate an alert in tradingview, it sends a webhook request with order specifics to Dhan server. Dhan server then places the order at the exchange. This is the automation set up I use mostly.

There is also a custom sell strategy that I run from my custom server automated using Dhan APIs which is free to consume.

For my option buying trend following strategies accuracy is in the 47-60% range. Option selling strategies little bit more. Also note never take accuracy standalone. Always couple it with risk reward and evaluate a strategy. Also beyond metrics of my strategy I can’t disclose the algo logic that drives it. That’s proprietary.

In my live trading , adjusted to transaction cost and slippages live results mimics backtested results. The reason are quite simple.

  • The system is well tested over fair number of historical days.
  • I execute the system live with the same kind of discipline the script backtester does.

I have never read any books on trading or automation. But I do dig out relevant content from google search and have spent years around the market, trading it mostly. Basically the skill required is mental ability to frame a trading logic, transform it into an algorithm and then code it in an appropriate programming language.

Books have not created more than 1% successful traders. Neither did books create more than 1-5% great engineers.
So if you are deep diving in to the world of books be prepared for the hard grind until u figure it out. Also be willing to put some money on line for live trading. This is just like swimming. No one can learn to swim from books alone. He has to jump in the pool and build some muscle memory with practice. So books alone are not going to suffice. Live trading is a must to learn and learn well.

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Ok guys. Here is an update on the Finvasia shitstorm!

Contract note is the final word we are told. And several revelations from Contract note.

  1. Random fake trades were pushed to unsuspecting clients. Those were NOT actual orders executed at exchange.

  2. Clients who saw those got alarmed and desperately tried to square off the fake trades.

  3. Most of such sq off attempts in (2) got rejected. But few got accepted. Unfortunately the desperate squareoffs became the only real trades and were carried to expiry eod.

  4. People were also stuck unable to squareoff their real trades.

Result is many have real losses, some have profits. Finvasia has assured that they will reach a “mutually amicable” solution to those affected.


One more update:

Thanks for sharing this valuable info🙂!

By the way 47-60% is good enough?
I thought 80% would make a good algo!

What percentage would you consider bad?

Can you share how much capital you put for this?
And how much capital it takes for a single trade?

Perhaps, if capital is sensitive, share in accordance with percentage!

And General slippage percentage, according to your capital (say it for thousands or lakhs in capital[approx also good])!

Maximum loss & max profit & average capital, you incurred in percentage regarding the whole capital?

Sorry, If this too much😅

Do you think newbie like me,can profit of doing this! (Note : I am new to sharemarket)?

And, will your algo, be in work, all working days & working time of exchanges?

You can share , If you are ok with it :slightly_smiling_face: :raised_hands:t2:

Thanks in advance!

Lets take this over DM or on a separate thread so that we stay relevant to the thread topic.

I do wonder if any orders were placed on behalf of customer who didn’t even login to their system yesterday!!!

BTW - If this is a “technical glitch” I shudder to think what they’d call an “utter and complete disaster”. I mean, SEBI has to step in and sort this mess…they have 3 days (2.5 now).

These guys don’t even have half-decent lawyers. Not gonna end well for them that’s for sure.

Crazy level trading! I like how much u trust Dhan for trading with big capital!

Yeah, they say it’s because the orders are fired in the backend but are displayed later on the main screen. So, it makes it look like a delay when it’s actually not.

Yes this is the main benefit of using their APIs and Webhook integration with TV pinescripts.

It’s the most transparent community to be honest and they do take criticism positively. The bossman is always active!

I trade Nifty Options and I trade 1 minute chart range breakouts. The main issue I face was candle formation was incomplete, the chart would lag a bit and I used “instant order placement” using the + sign so that button would disappear sometimes and spoil my trading momentum.

Upstox & Fyers also has TV Library charts and their 1 minute charts are robust but I don’t like their apps at all!

For non scalpers, it is fine but for people who like fast scalping, nothing beats the execution of Kite.

All I wish now is Kite to bring Trade from TV charts directly so that scalpers can be more efficient in managing quick scalps.

On Dhan web there is a refresh issue. This has been acknowledged by Dhan. As per them they will fix it soon.

Are you trading on https://tv.dhan.co or on Dhan web using tv charts ?


Yes, Always traded using tv.dhan with the option “instant order placement”. Had got the issues fixed by being active in the community that time from several accounts for a year but still some small issues are there. The most important one being candle formations which is unresolved till date. I had asked PJ to refer to TV library from Upstox but still no improvement.

I am just waiting for Zerodha to launch their TV library as it’s in works.

Rest, I believe they are trying their best to rise and improving constantly! They do listen to requests and accept their shortfalls too.

#Important Update for Shoonya Customers!

We faced a technical glitch on 13th April 2023, which impacted our clients. To clear your queries we shared a detailed email on how you can share your concerns with us. It also outlines the next steps, assuring you of our support.

For your convenience, we have created a step-by-step video guide and a blog.

Watch: #ImportantUpdate about Technical Glitch on 13 Apr | Step-by-step Guide To Verify & Square-off Trades - YouTube
Blog: Guide for Managing Your Trades, w.r.t Technical Glitch - 13th April

We’re here to help!

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

Loss seen in my account was because of Ghost Trades, NSE contract note was clean, later on Finvasia contract note was also clean and both contract notes are tallying.

Today I initiated total fund Withdrawal , it got accepted , hope that funds will appears into my bank account by EOD as per Finvasia’s promise .

By the way the customer support is still not operating ! I tried calling them but nobody bothered to take the call, live chat kept me waiting for an hour and still counting, no show here also. Pathetic, after going through all this they are not trying to improve, a real pity !

Anyway once the funds are back into my bank account , my next step is to close the account with them, they deserve it. Good by Fantasia, wishing you all the best. Sorry that like me thousands of clients are departing from you, but in a way it is better for you , now you can cater better to a very small client base of 1000 or less !

By the way today I opened an account with Kotak , in just 10 minutes , account is up and running ! (I need to pay Rs 99 + GST for the plan I selected Zero brokerage for all segments.

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Is there any way to buy insurance against brokerage firms messing up (like technical bug, market crash and brokerage company facing huge loss etc).

I use Zerodha, and it is quite safe. But I would be happy to pay a premium for this extra peace of mind.

What happened in Finvasia is bizarre. It’s nothing like any tech glitch I faced anywhere else. Read my post above.

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I agree no broker is free from technical issues, but what happened with Finvasia , that is firing random orders (ghost orders) was never heard happening with other brokers, other brokers’s terminal got frozen many a time but it was only for a short duration , not a day long affair as happened with Finvasia.

Kotak did face an issue in the past , but what I heard that they compensated all clients who suffered losses , and that amount was around Rs 170 Cr (this is what I read, not sure about it)

Lack of customer support is a very big issue with Finvasia , right from the very beginning of their operations, even today also I waited for 30 minutes+ .

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