Rate of return per year?

Nitin you have been trading for years now and definitely have met some gifted talented traders ,
what is their ROI per year given their level of risk that they take?

A few professionals have told me that most Funds aim to make 3 times their risk , i.e , 3:1 reward risk ratio but
There are many people out there that claim to make 100% plus per year , that may be true but they must be taking very high risks to earn that figure,

So on an average basis , say with a maximum risk of 10% of capital , what is the rate of return of top traders of the industry , lets say from Goldman sachs or JP morgan.

I don’t have much experience, but I think risk and reward are inversely correlated in investing in equities, ie less risk of loss implies more chance of gains. For example If I am investing in small cap stock (high risk typically), which I understand very well, I will be in a better position to enter and exit this stock, which makes this investment less risky and more profitable, than just investing in blindly.

Kindly introduce me to the pros who makes 100+ % returns every year, I will be very happy with that.