RBI gives Zerodha a licence to lend

Zerodha is now expanding !! But, if traders avail loans to trade they may go beyond their risk appetite …kind of gambling…what do you all think? Are there any better ways of utilizing these loans?

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many are mixing business with noble services.

ZERODHA is a business, and every business wants to expand it’s market share, it’s purely according to the moral of capitalization.

it’s the consumers who have to decide, how to spend their money and how to reduce risk, asking for other to reduce risk is running from your responsibilities.

I would love to have the facility of buying on margin for my CNC orders. Hate to keep track of the amount due since positions tab does not show order total.
Off course, depends on cost.

Zerodha Capital is a separeate corpate entity…its no way related to trading…its.non banking financial company(NBFC)