Rcom Debt/ Backruptacy


Suppose i am holding 1000 shares of RCOM which is backrupt now. Wanna ask who’s gonna pay the debt of lenders as company approaches to NCLT. debt can be collected from public Shareholders?


don’t worry … they won’t ask public shareholders to pay :slight_smile:


The company is in debt but confident that Ambani family will handle it. Something will ticker and company will come out of it. Read lot about the same - http://bit.ly/2JhoST2


All the Debt is a liability of RCOM as a Company. Personal assets of an Individual can’t be involved.
That’s the main advantage of incorporating a Company. Recovery can be done from the assets owned by a Company only. As an Investor we need to worry about our losses only :sweat_smile:

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Yep, I also assume people who have their shares already took the risks of never being paid probably, I highly doubt you need to pay their debts anyway, does anybody know where and if it possible to sell all that shares after all that years anyway. I may appear in that case.


Nope. Your liability is limited to the shares you already hold and those have been paid for when the shares were initially issued by the company. Therefore, no amounts can be asked from shareholders now.