Rcom Marketcap in 2008 Was Approx RS-1,75,000 Crore And Now At Only Rs- 3,200 Crore 😱

Rcom Marketcap in 2008 Was Approx RS-1,75,000 Crore Right Now Bharti Airtel Marketcap is Approx Rs- 1,24,600 Crore… Lol…

Just Imagine How Big The Rcom Company In 2008…

I remember Everytime I recharged my rcom number as soon as my number gets recharged within some hours I ran out of balance . This was general practice of rcom . Not just me everyone was facing the same thing. That how such companies end . Not just rcom, rcap r infra all have same predicament. Adag karlo duniya muthi main :joy::joy::joy:

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Ab to sab Mota bhai Ambani ke hath me he… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

About 2 years back i took an internet connection of reliance by paying one year advance rental and to my shock it went dead very next day . the technician who did all the connection work was blunt enough to say that right now we have no feasibility in your area and you were given provisional connection. had to run from pillar to post for over a year taking the matter to twitter ,face book etc and even written communication for refund were not honored for many months and finally could get payment minus one month rent and installation charges for use of few hours of internet !


Sir I got my rcom home internet connection installed in 2007 in 2014 it started to give severe connectivity issues. I requested to terminate the connection to rcom . And installed a different broadband but my connection couldn’t get terminated even after more than twenty requests. And every month bill was issued eventually it got terminated I got a letter from reliance that my connection is terminated .I paid them for three months and out of which net wasn’t even used once . Then I started getting calls from mafia that I have to settle dues with rcom otherwise it will cost me and I will regret it for rest of my life .

And till date those goons nightmare is still haunting me.
Whenever I see r com stock crashing it gives me utmost satisfaction no offense intnded to any one​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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