Re-Entry on price moving back to SL in a Straddle

I want to create a short straddle strategy in streak. Sell one lot nifty ATM CE and nifty ATM PE with 25% stoploss on each leg. I want to trigger a re-entry in that particular leg if the price moves back to SL. Is this possible to be implemented in streak???

Also in a cumulative strategy, the initial capital and max allocation are in each leg of of the strategy right?

Hi @Sreeraj_Sreekumar

Unfortunately, your requirement cannot be created in Streak with the available functionality. Currently, you cannot re-enter the leg if the price goes back to SL. The entry happens again whenever the original entry conditions are met. I have noted your requirement as feature feedback and passed it on to the concerned team.

correct, initial capital and max allocation are per scrip. Also, it’s important to note that Streak does not consider any leverage/margin while backtesting. To know more about this, refer to the backtest assumptions and max allocation
Backetst assumption - Backtest - Streak Help
Max allocation - Create (Advanced) - Streak Help

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Thank you for reverting. I believe algotest has this feature to re enter at cost for upto x times on each leg in a cumulative strategy.

Is there a way re entry at original entry price is possible? Is this possible using signal candle function?



So Signal Candle function is dependent on the entry, and it allows access to OHLC of the candle where conditions where true. So you can only use it in the exit conditions , since it is accessing OHLC of the “ongoing” entry candle values and not old ohlc values of preivous trades.

Hence its not possible to create the above idea. I have also noted this requirement and passed it on to the concerned team to look into future implementation.

Hope this provides clarity.