Real time data about nifty options strike specific regarding FII activity

Where to get real time accurate data about the CE PE longs and shorts by FIIs specific to strikes in nifty options…

EQSIS provide them but NOT real-time… I’ve added the samples below in screensnaps…

So where can I get real-time data like this?

Don’t think FII real time and specific to strike wise is available anywhere. I believe we get eod basis only. Overall change in OI strike wise is available on sensibull.

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Hello there,

I wanted to share a website where traders like us can find out what big players like Fiis, Diis, etc did today in the market, You wont be able to find realtime data anywhere but the website shows about the daily activity.

the Website is : pros-data

Please give it a visit and let me know what you guys think about as it is created by me.

Thank you have a good day.

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